Campsite Espelette

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piment espelette
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Top 5 things to do in Espelette

  • Belazkabieta farm: take a donkey ride on the donkeys of bat, an ideal family excursion, with a panoramic view of the surroundings
  • L’atelier du piment : for a visit or a tasting around culinary animations you will have the opportunity to discover the flagship product of Espelette thanks to this producer and processor
  • The Agnès Souret exhibition: elected the most beautiful woman in France at the first national competition in 1920, this Basque character from Espelette will be honoured with this presentation
  • Aldaxka hiking trail : with this loop of less than 7 kms south of the town of Espelette you will see magnificent landscapes
  • The narrow streets of the village dotted with character : to visit Espelette is also to stroll in the semi-pedestrian streets punctuated with houses decorated with their red chilli peppers

The surroundings of Espelette